We all get stuck sometimes, and SymTech Labs is here to help. Our engineers specialize in every facet of the design cycle. We can produce specifications, schematics, PCB and mechanical designs, prototypes, software and firmware, and manufacturing runs, either individually or as part of a turn-key package. SymTech Labs engineers are experts at working with tight cost, efficiency, time, and space constraints.



A well written engineering specification is integral to any good design. SymTech Labs creates detailed and accurate specifications, which help facilitate RFQ's and better plan the design process. SymTech Labs can also provide specifications that meet various industry standards, such as UL, CE, and FCC certifications.

Turn-Key Electronics Manufacturing

Let SymTech Labs produce your next project! We can complete as much, or as little, of the production cycle to suit your project's needs. Our engineers are adept in all areas of product design, including electrical and mechanical design, software and firmware design, prototyping, purchasing and procurement, assembly, and quality control. We can work from professionally prepared designs, specifications, and even sketches or simple descriptions.


Our strong foundation in research and development makes SymTech Labs the perfect choice for bringing your idea or project to life. We are fully equipped to build and produce any prototype ― from proofs of concept to pre-production designs. Innovation and efficiency are our top priorities, and since we handle most operations in-house, we are prepared to meet any challenge fast.


Schematic Capture & PCB Layout

Engineers at SymTech Labs are PCB design experts, utilizing sophisticated industry standard CAD tools to generate electrical specifications, block diagrams, schematics, and PCB layouts. Our hierarchical schematics are well organized and easy to follow. Our PCB designs use advanced layout techniques and industrywide best practices. The result is a robust electrical design, impervious to electrical noise and interference.

SymTech Labs has created designs for everything from complex automotive control systems to simple consumer electronics. We can also reverse engineer designs if original design files are unavailable. We maintain close relationships with PCB production houses, both domestic and abroad, so in addition to our in-house services, we can recommend PCB manufacturers to best suit your project's needs.

Software & Firmware Design

SymTech Labs supports most hardware designs with software and firmware solutions. Using advanced software tools, we write bare-board applications in ASM or C/C++, develop applications for RTOS's, and build and modify drivers. Our expertise also includes writing software for embedded versions of Windows Embedded Compact/Windows Phone, Embedded Linux, Android, and iOS.

In addition to traditional software development, SymTech Labs is equipped to develop digital logic design. We can fit signal routes, combinatorial logic, and state machines on SPLD's, CPLD's, and FPGA's, simplifying an otherwise complicated hardware design. We can provide logic solutions in a variety of standard formats, including schematics, VHDL, and Verilog.

Mechanical Design

Our integrative approach to product design includes mechanical design and 3D modelling. Using state of the art CAD tools, we can accurately design and test parts before actually making them. We employ powerful software to conduct FEA and CFD, and predict how parts will physically behave once manufactured and installed.

We can also produce mechanical prototypes, and we perform most machining operations in-house, including milling, turning, grinding, sanding, welding, and finishing. We routinely work with common materials such as nylon, polyethylene, aluminum, and steel, as well as more exotic materials, like PTFE, graphite, and titanium.


Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Consumer
  • Government
  • Home/Office Automation
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Research

Development Tools

  • Altera Quartus II
  • Altium Designer
  • Atmel Studio 6 IDE
  • AutoCAD
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Freescale CodeWarrior IDE
  • LTSpice
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Microchip MPLAB IDE
  • SolidWorks
  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Xcode
  • Xilinx ISE
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